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How to Know if Online Schooling is Right for You

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Nearly all students have now had a chance to experience online schooling in some form. Whether they joined an online school like iCademy Middle East in Dubai, or participated in their brick-and-mortar school’s version of blended learning, students and families have now seen the benefits and challenges of learning at home first hand. At iCademy, we fully understand that online learning is NOT the perfect solution for every single student. However, there are several circumstances where online learning can provide much-needed benefits. Some students struggle to get the help they need in a traditional setting. Online schooling may be the right choice for you and your family if you fit into any of the following categories.

You prefer a blended learning model

Due to the pandemic, many schools ended up adopting a hybrid learning model where students would attend school in-person part of the week, and complete lessons remotely during the other part. iCademy Middle East offers this option at our newly opened Knowledge Hub located in Dubai Knowledge Park. Families can choose the number of days per week they wish their students to attend and the other days, students complete online lessons. The benefit to this model is that students still get the flexibility of online schooling but also the social interaction that is a given in a traditional school. Students can still move at their own pace, and families can travel without disrupting the school year. It really is the best of both worlds!

Your student has special learning needs

Students with learning difficulties may find traditional school a challenge, especially if there is not an appropriate special education program available. An online curriculum allows students to work at the speed that is best for them, and teachers are willing to make accommodations for students as needed. At iCademy Middle East, we also offer the iCad+ program, which is a specific blended-learning model designed with students of determination in mind. Students can move through their courses with help from our skilled learning coaches in-center, as well as participate in group activities and outings to work on social skills. 

You need flexibility due to other commitments 

Many of our students participate in extra-curricular activities, some at the professional level! iCademy is home to students who are nationally-ranked athletes and performing artists, as well as older students who opt to work or do professional-level internships during traditional working hours. The flexibility of online school allows them to continue their passions while ensuring that they are still getting a complete, accredited education and will graduate with a diploma that will take them to university. 

*iCademy Middle East is an American curriculum online school that provides a comprehensive education to students based in the UAE and around the world. We are NEASC and KHDA accredited, and provide individualized learning and instruction from grades K through 12.

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