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Questions To Ask When Selecting A School For Your Child

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Choosing the right school for your child is never an easy task. There are an overwhelming amount of options to make the choice even harder, specifically when you are considering homeschooling for your child. While there are some aspects you can’t control, how do you make the best choice for your family’s specific needs? Here are some questions to ask when considering schools for your children and some influential factors to keep in mind.

How Does My Child Learn Best?

Every child has their own learning style and ways that they learn best. Progressive teaching methods recognize that and make an effort to meet your child where they are. Flexible schooling models, such as ISBerne’s online curriculum, will be able to provide multiple ways for their students to learn, ensuring that each child is exposed to a method that will work for them. Look for teachers and staff that encourage creativity and expression in their lessons and students who have the flexibility and freedom to learn differently!

What are my child’s specific abilities and needs? How will they be accommodated?

Does your child have learning difficulties that need specific attention? Or does your child have high academic ability and need challenges to thrive? Every parent wants their child to soar, but it should be at the child’s own pace. Not all schools are equipped to handle the whole spectrum of a child’s academic development. When looking for a new school for your child, ask about children with similar needs and how they were accommodated. If you’re not sure what your child’s specific needs might be, make sure your chosen school has the ability to detect and address them.

What opportunities are available for parents to get involved?

Whether you want to have a direct hand in shaping your child’s learning or just regularly kept informed, ask about a new school’s opportunities for parent involvement. A good sign to look for is a school that welcomes parents and is happy to give tours, even on short notice. Coffee mornings and regular events where parents are encouraged to attend are also positive indicators that the school values parent feedback and involvement. ISBerne Online views parents as partners in a student’s education and actively involves them in every step of the way.

Will my child be well prepared for the path they choose after school?

Learning life skills that translate well in university and the job market starts early. Schools that promote independent studying, organizational skills, and opportunities for students to take charge of their learning often produce successful adults! These skills can be incorporated into the youngest of classrooms and is an important factor to look for when choosing a school for a child at any age. Students who have agency over their learning become skilled, tenacious, and flexible adults.

Will my family be happy here?

Happiness is hard to quantify but you can usually go with your gut! Can you picture your children making friends and connecting with other parents? Does the school feel like a place you can see yourself and your family being involved with long-term? A positive school environment is one of the most important factors in student happiness and success.

ISBerne Online is an accredited international school in Switzerland. Contact us to get more details about our offerings and how we can help in the education journey of your child.

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