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ISBerne Online provides a fully digital, rich curriculum for students that features interactive software, live class sessions, and collaborative environments while giving teachers flexibility and control to maximize a student’s full potential. Our school offers rich, challenging, and engaging online content. We offer live and recorded teaching sessions with the help of our certified and highly qualified teachers. ISBerne Online uses the Accel Management Platform (AMP) for Education; students have 180 school days, approximately ten months, to complete their academic year. Cutting edge technology enables individualized learning to happen anytime, anywhere. The online school provides daily lesson plans, as well as delivering announcements, online discussions, and communication and support tools to tie the experience together. Students can attend the graduation ceremony at the ISBerne Campus in Switzerland and have other opportunities for campus-based activities throughout the year

What Our Online School Offers

Digital Interactive

Textbooks Incorporated
Into The Online Platform

Quizzes, Unit
Assessments, Semester
Tests and Final Exams

AP/Honors Courses
Available For High School

Household materials and a selection of literature are required for some courses. A list will be provided.

Curriculum Overview

ISBerne Online is an American Online Curriculum school for students from KG through Grade 12. Our school’s distinctive character is the provision of a rigorous education that is supported by a proven digital platform, which enhances the student’s experience.

The Learning Management System provides our teachers and students with powerful classroom content, well organized to support personalized learning. Our comprehensive online curriculum provides students with the opportunity to pursue their learning anytime and anywhere.

Students who benefit from our online school

Gifted and talented students, athletes, performers and other students requiring a flexible program

Students who are struggling in a brick-and-mortar environment and require additional support

Students who travel and require flexibility

Advanced learners

How Online Learning Works

Students enrolled in our program receive a quality, individualized experience online. Study with us from anywhere at anytime, wherever you are in the world.

What our online school offers:

  • Online lessons, interactive activities, and teacher led
    virtual classroom sessions
  • Digital interactive curriculum
  • Texbooks* incorporated into the online platform
  • Wide variety of assessment tools
  • AP / Honors Courses available for High School
  • Communication with teachers online or by phone
  • Guidance from a dedicated Homeroom Teacher / Academic Advisor to ensure students are making progress and are on track with their studies
  • Planned student activities and parent support as needed

Students are expected to complete their course work in accordance with the class calendar.

*Materials purchase may be required; list will be provided by an Academic Advisor or Homeroom Teacher.

Study From Home And Parents' Role In Online Schooling

Our online school is available for Kindergarten through Grade 12. A parent (or other responsible adult) works in conjunction with the teachers and academic advisor, serving as a “learning coach” to the student. Our highly qualified teachers help facilitate progress through the daily lessons, provide grades and feedback, and modify the pace and schedule as necessary according to the student’s needs. Teachers remain constantly involved to monitor progress, ensure mastery, and develop specific intervention plans when a student is struggling.

Although parents play the role of a Learning Coach for their children in managing the schedule and ensuring the student is completing work at a reasonable pace, teachers remain constantly involved to monitor progress, ensure mastery, and develop specific intervention plans when a child is studying.

Average Time Required Per Day By Student and Parent Learning Coach

Sample Lesson

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Course Catalogue

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