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At ISBerne Online, we believe that all students should receive an education appropriate to their ability, needs and interests.

Our flexible programs are tailored to support individual self-paced, structured learning. The online school and our Knowledge Hub, cater for grades K-12. 

Additionally, we provide an alternative education program called iCad+, which combines life skills training and practice with course work appropriate for students’ abilities and interests.

How Online Learning Works

Students enrolled in our program receive a quality, individualized education experience online. They can study with us from anywhere at anytime, wherever they are in the world.

What our online school offers:

  • Online lessons, interactive activities, and teacher led virtual classroom sessions
  • Digital interactive curriculum
  • eTextbooks* incorporated into the online platform
  • Wide variety of assessment tools
  • AP / Honors Courses available for High School
  • Communication with teachers online or by phone
  • Guidance from a dedicated Homeroom Teacher (grades K-5) or Academic Advisor (grades 8-12) to ensure students are making progress and are on track with their studies
  • Planned students’ activities and parent support as needed
  • Students are expected to complete their course work in accordance with the class calendar.


*Materials purchase may be required; list will be provided by Academic Coach/Advisor or Homeroom Teachere.