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IS Berne Online is a fully accredited online school aligned with Ohio (US) and Common Core State Standards. We are a high-tech, American curriculum school for students from grades K-12.  Our school’s distinctive character is the provision of a rigorous education that is supported by a proven digital platform, which enhances the students overall learning experience.

Our Learning Management System provides our teachers and students with powerful classroom content, well organized to support personalized learning.  Our comprehensive online curriculum provides students with the opportunity to pursue their learning, anytime and anywhere.

Curriculum and Courses

High School students can choose from an extensive catalog of courses to suit their interests and goals. Many English, Math, Science, and History courses are offered in multiple versions including Honors and Advanced Placement (AP®), to meet the needs of learners with diverse goals. Up to three levels of World Languages are offered as well, depending on the language requirements.  Additionally, many of our courses can be used for NCAA athletic eligibility.

All courses are structured to be delivered over ninety-day semesters to ensure a quality educational experience. Our classes are a blend of asynchronous and synchronous learning—while coursework and lessons can be flexibly structured to a student’s daily and weekly schedule, ISBO also provides a high degree of interaction between the student and teacher via live teaching, recorded sessions and help sessions.

All courses are taught by certified teachers who hold a current and valid qualification or endorsement in his or her subject area. Each full-time student also has the support of a Homeroom Teacher (grades K-5) or Academic Advisor (grades 9-12) as well as a School Counselor to ensure personal and academic success. A wide range of clubs, activities and organizations are available to provide our students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, make friends and nurture their talents and interests.

An Individualized Learning Plan (grades K-8) or a Graduation Plan (grades 9-12) is tailored for each student to ensure a customized program that fits the student’s unique strengths, targeted areas of development, learning styles and aptitudes while meeting requirements for proficiency across the core courses.