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We recognize that every child deserves the best possible start to his or her education. Children develop quickly in the early years and their experiences in early schooling have a major impact.

We believe that quality early years teaching will be the most critical factor for our students.  Our highly qualified staff will focus on nurturing each child’s social, linguistic, cognitive, emotional and physical development. For our youngest learners, our Kindergarten courses provide a nurturing, fun learning experience incorporating hands-on activities in mathematics, early reading and language, science and social studies.  Kindergarten students can also explore their creativity through interactive art and music electives.  An introductory Spanish course is available to Kindergarten students who are ready to explore the world through language.  Our Kindergarten teachers are experienced in sharing their love of learning with our youngest students and help bring the curriculum to life through a wide variety of exciting teaching and learning activities.

Our Kindergarten students will be introduced to these learning topics:

  • English/Language Arts: Decoding simple words, emergent reading skills, listening and reflecting on nursery rhymes, classic tales and nonfiction texts
  • Math: Comparing sizes, ordinal numbers, learning about time
  • Science: Fun with physics and motion, how plants and animals live and grow; understanding local habitats
  • Social Studies: Understanding family; time and calendars; holidays, maps and flags.

Students in Lower School grades 1-5 love to explore, discover, and learn new things. Our academic program for the Lower School (Elementary) grades taps into this natural inquisitiveness with courses that engage young minds and reinforce key concepts in meaningful ways. And since this age group typically needs more direct, focused guidance, we bring teachers and parents together in close collaboration to ensure each student’s success.

For each grade in Lower School, the online curriculum includes courses in the four core subjects—English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Children also have access to fun, interactive elective courses at each grade level, plus five levels of Elementary Spanish to introduce our students to a new culture and world language. The curriculum is designed so that there is overlap between concepts across the core courses, allowing students multiple avenues to reinforce and apply their learning. Topics covered in Lower School vary widely by grade, but include the following themes:


  • English/Language Arts: Studying classic and contemporary literature; developing thinking, writing and listening skills; engaging with informational texts; grammar and spelling
  • Math: Fluency with basic and advanced math facts and operations; measurement; examining lines, polygons and figures; understanding time, distance and money
  • Science: Observing and understanding our surroundings and the natural world; healthy physical development; understanding animal and plant biology; learning about space and other galaxies; the role of technology in science
  • Social Studies: Building knowledge of diverse civilizations, cultures and concepts; civics and economics; US and world history and geography

Every course is flexibly paced and mastery based, allowing students to move at the speed that best suits their needs. Those who are ready to move on to the next lesson or unit can do so, while those who need more time may take it, within the term calendar.  A homeroom teacher, in addition to a course teacher for each subject, is on hand to closely support parents and students as they progress through the curriculum.

Nearly all courses are complemented by a wealth of virtual and hands-on teaching tools and content. Some courses feature advanced “adaptive” technology that intelligently adjusts to student’s skill and knowledge level.