FAQs :

  1. Does ISBerne Online offer IB Courses?
  2. What if my child has a learning disability?
  3. What kind of support will my child have on a day-to-day basis?
  4. Do you offer any discounts or scholarships?
  5. How many courses can I take at a time?
  6. Do I have to be online at a specific hour?
  7. Is there a student age limit?
  8. What are the technical requirements for studying online?
  9. What kind of computer do I need to take online courses?
  10. Are the courses self-paced?
  11. Do students receive report cards?
  12. How does grading work?
  13. Does ISBerne Online have certified teachers?
  14. Do I have to go to Switzerland?
  15. Is ISBerne Online accredited?
  16. Can students talk to their teachers?
  17. Where are the instructors based?
  18. If my child transfers to ISBerne Online in grades 10-12, will he/she receive credit for high school courses already completed?

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