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Online Clubs

ISBerne Online currently offers more than 100 online club options for its full-time students. These clubs for grades K-12 are often initiated and brought to life by energetic teachers and students eager to share their passion for an activity or topic with other like-minded learners. All clubs are teacher-moderated. The potential for adding new clubs is as broad as our school’s international reach.

Virtual Field Trips and Special Events

Virtual field trips also enhance learning and give full-time students the opportunity to explore our world, discover new places, and learn interesting, fun and educational content not normally available in a classroom. Our teachers often choose virtual field trip topics to complement what students learn in class and expand opportunities for students to virtually visit countries, museums, factories, festivals and zoos, among many virtual field trip topics, around the globe.

During a virtual field trip, students log in to our web-based meeting tool to join other classmates on a teacher-guided exploration of interesting places around the globe. These trips often feature exciting video footage, slideshows, and other interactive activities for student participants.

All event notifications regarding date, time, log-in instructions and access are sent to students via their Online School (OLS) account and posted on the school’s website. Students not able to attend a club, virtual field trip, special event or guest presentations have the opportunity to access the recorded session.