Students can benefit from our programme and course offerings as a part-time student.

Your New School Online

You can enroll in individual courses to supplement your traditional schooling or work on your specific academic needs and interests.

You may choose to do individual courses because:

  • Your current school does not offer a subject you enjoy.
  • You need additional support or review for subjects such as Math, English or ESL.
  • You need to complete specific courses before applying to university.
  • You are interested in doing ISBerne Online but want to try the programme before transferring full-time.

List of Courses by Subject

Courses are listed by core requirements for each grade level followed by languages and electives. Download the complete ISBerne Online course catalog here.


ENG010: Journalism (Elective)

ENG103: Literary Analysis and Composition I (Comprehensive)

ENG104: Honors Literary Analysis and Composition I

ENG203: Literary Analysis and Composition II (Comprehensive)

ENG204: Honors Literary Analysis and Composition II

ENG403: British and World Literature (Comprehensive)

ENG404: Honors British and World Literature

ENG500: AP® English Language and Composition

ENG510: AP® English Literature and Composition


MTH123: Algebra I (Comprehensive)

MTH124: Honors Algebra I

MTH203: Geometry (Comprehensive)

MTH204: Honors Geometry

MTH303: Algebra II (Comprehensive)

MTH304: Honors Algebra II

MTH510: AP® Statistics

MTH403: Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry (Comprehensive)

MTH500: AP® Calculus AB


SCI010: Environmental Science (Elective)

SCI113: Earth Science (Comprehensive)

SCI114: Honors Earth Science

SCI203: Biology (Comprehensive)

SCI204: Honors Biology

SCI303: Chemistry (Comprehensive)

SCI304: Honors Chemistry

SCI403: Physics (Comprehensive)

SCI404: Honors Physics

SCI500: AP® Biology

SCI510: AP® Chemistry

SCI520: AP® Physics B

Social Studies

HST103: World History (Comprehensive)

HST104: Honors World History

HST203: Modern World Studies (Comprehensive)

HST204: Honors Modern World Studies

HST520: AP® Macroeconomics

HST530: AP® Microeconomics

HST540: AP® Psychology

HST550: AP® European History

Fine Arts

ART010: Fine Art

ART020: Music Appreciation (Elective)

World Languages

WLG100: Spanish I

WLG200: Spanish II

WLG300: Spanish III

WLG500: AP® Spanish Language

WLG110: French I

WLG210: French II

WLG310: French III

WLG510: AP® French Language

WLG120: German I

LG220: German II

WLG130: Latin I

WLG230: Latin II

WLG140: Chinese I

WLG240: Chinese II

Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

BUS010: Business Communication and Career Exploration (Elective)

BUS020: Business and Personal Relationships (Elective)

BUS040: Introduction to Entrepreneurship I (Elective)

BUS050: Introduction to Entrepreneurship II (Elective)

BUS060: Introduction to Marketing I (Elective)

BUS070: Introduction to Marketing II (Elective)

Technology and Computer Science

TCH010: Computer Literacy I (Elective)

TCH020: Computer Literacy II (Elective)

TCH030: Digital Photography and Graphics (Elective)

TCH040: Web Design (Elective)

TCH050: Digital Video Production (Elective)

TCH060: C++ Programming (Elective)

TCH070: Game Design I (Elective)

TCH080: Game Design II (Elective)

TCH090: Online Game Design (Elective)

TCH016: Flash Animation (Elective)

TCH017: 3D Art l—Modeling (Elective)

TCH018: 3D Art II—Animation (Elective)

TCH019: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) (Elective)

TCH026: Audio Engineering (Elective)

TCH027: Green Design and Technology (Elective)

TCH028: Digital Arts I (Elective)

TCH029: Digital Arts II (Elective)

Other Electives

PRJ010: Service Learning (Elective)

OTH040: Reaching Your Academic Potential (Elective)

OTH050: Achieving Your Career and College Goals (Elective)


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