A Strong Middle School Program

ISBerne Online offers full and part-time study for Middle School students.


Whether a student is looking for a couple courses to supplement their current schooling or enrolling with ISBerne full-time, every student has the support of teachers and Academic Coaches. Nearly all K12 courses are complemented by hands-on materials and students have the opportunity to move at their own speed within their set term dates.

Full-time Middle School students take four core classes: language arts, math, science, and social studies – along with music, art, and world language options. Each of the core classes host weekly Class Connects where students and teachers can interact in a virtual classroom setting.

The parent/Learning Coach works closely with his or her student to facilitate progress through the daily lessons. A Learning Coach for a full-time Middle School student can expect to spend 1-4 hours a day helping the student. Each course provides suggested lesson plans for the week, which the Learning Coach can easily adjust. The teachers and coaches are there to help students with challenging topics and questions with course material specifics.


Courses are listed by core requirements followed by languages and electives: