All Online students have the unique option to participate in ISBerne Campus Residency Weeks.

ISBerne Online is the first online school connected to a campus community – a  brick and mortar school with a full international school program of academics, after-school activities, sports, cultural excursions and a diverse community representing 50 nations.

Campus Residency Weeks allow an online student to include an on-campus experience in Switzerland – an opportunity to add world experience to a child’s personal growth.

During the residency, the student will stay with an ISBerne or local Swiss family. Campus residency weeks can be scheduled for fall, winter, or spring terms to coincide with either Outdoor Education camps, Ski Term, or Spring Language Trips.  The ISBerne campus also offers ISBerne Online Graduates the unique opportunity to participate in the graduation ceremony in June.

In order to participate in residency weeks, students must first be enrolled in the ISBerne Online term. Students follow their ISBO studies while having access to school and campus for social events, extracurricular activities, and sports. ISBO students also may attend non-core curriculum elective classes, if they wish. However, the class will not receive a grade. The student can expect a participation remark from the instructor of the class that may be included on the transcript if desired.

Residency weeks are not included in the ISBerne Online tuition and are billed separately. If you wish to experience Switzerland and make friends on campus, please express your interest first with your ISBerne Online advisor, who will then start the process with ISBerne.

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