Flexible study to suit a student’s specific needs.

Studying with ISBerne Online gives you the flexibility to pursue your High School diploma from anywhere in the world, with the benefits of a familiar academic structure and a tight knit community. From semi-professional hockey-players in Europe, dedicated musicians with their eye on Julliard, to expat students in Central America, each of our students approach school with a great sense of independence and drive.

We work with:

  • International families who relocate often

  • International students who do not have an English school option in their region

  • Students looking to take supplemental courses or to study abroad

  • Professional or aspiring athletes and performers

  • Students whose needs are not being addressed within their local schools

  • Distance learning and home-schooled students who seek more structure and community

ISBerne Online students and parents are connected to the larger K12 International Academy Online Learning System, along with thousands of students who use it each day. They can access it at any time provided they have an Internet connection.

Online Learning System

ISBerne Online students use the Online Learning System to access their daily lessons, which include all of the required information and resources. They can also:

  • Submit their assignments directly online

  • Participate in live web classes called Class Connects

  • Join interactive discussions about their subjects

  • Connect with their teachers, and reach out for extra help whenever they need it

  • Experience the many online clubs and virtual field trips

The Academic Coach has the exact same access that parents have, providing extra support for students and families as they get acquainted with the many tools and resources.