6 Reasons why ISBerne Online may be right for you and your son or daughter…

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1. Proven and accredited courses, curriculums and diploma choices

Over 200 online courses available for full or part-time study.

2. An individualized learning plan and flexible weekly schedules

Customized learning to suit a student’s unique strengths and challenges.

3. High quality, certified, passionate teachers – based in Europe and America

Excellent teachers, coaches and counselors.

4. A strong World Language focus

Graduation requires a minimum of 4 World Language credit.

5. A reliable, successful and established online platform

24 hour a day, seven days a week access to interactive courses and content.

6. Accessible option for a Swiss school experience

Study Abroad program and Residency Weeks are facilitated by ISBerne Campus staff for a seamless international experience for ISBerne Online students.