Parent Resources

Online education requires a different level of parental or guardian support.

At ISBerne Online, one parent or guardian is designated the “Learning Coach” who facilitates progress through daily lessons in Middle School (Grade 6-8) and becomes more of a support and encouragement role in High School (Grade 9-12). You can expect to spend roughly 1-4 hours a day with a Middle School student and only 1-2 hours a day with a High School student as they become more self-sufficient and independent.

Once logged into the Online Learning System, you will get weekly progress reports from the student’s homeroom teacher. You’ll also get regular information connecting you to support groups and forums and you will receive consistent support from our teachers and Academic Coaches.

There are also plenty of K12 Parent Resources found here at that can provide extra guidance and advice, such as:

  • Learning Coach Institute
  • Parent Support Seminars  & Workshops
  • K¹² RoundTable