Join an international community of students, friends and future contacts

Making Contacts

ISBerne Online offers the unique opportunity to be connected to a well-established vibrant international school community.  You may not be on campus however three are plenty of ways to make contacts and connect with the physical campus.

Online Students

It all starts in the virtual classroom with your online peers.  When you enroll in your first class you will be linked to a group of students around the world.  Depending on the classes you take, your online network will include students who are enrolled in ISBerne Online, the K12 International Academy, or the George Washington Online High School.

ISBerne Students

ISBerne has been developing a blended-learning model for over two years.  Our on-campus high school students have online choices in addition to their traditional classes.  Last year students were enrolled in nearly twenty different online classes.  As an ISBerne Online student, your network will include these expat students.  And when you graduate, these are the friends you will join for our campus commencement ceremony.

International Teachers, Administrators and Support Staff

ISBerne Online connects you to our school team – a “brick and mortar” school with 50 years of international school tradition.  Your online classes are all teacher-led so you will immediately be connected to qualified and supportive teachers.  Our college counseling team will help you chart a course for life after high school.

Multi-national Corporations, Diplomats, and Global Organizations

ISBerne has been serving Switzerland’s capital city for decades and is well-known among the many organizations based in the region.  The parents of ISBerne students are comprised of expats, company leaders, and diplomats.  As an ISBerne Online student, you can greatly benefit from this network of influential people like other students enrolled in private and international schools around the world.

ISBerne Alumni

ISBerne has a network of alumni working around the world.  As an ISBerne Online student, you will be included in this community after graduation and will be invited to meet our alumni while you are studying.  We might event have an ISBerne alum living near you!

What are you waiting for?

Time and time again, students who attend international schools look back on their school days and remember the people, relationships, friendships and partnerships that they established at the time.  This network of contacts becomes a strong community of support, presents opportunities both professionally and privately, and is a lasting benefit of going to school in a private international school.  ISBerne Online extends this opportunity to you as a virtual student.  From the moment you enroll in our school your global network will grow.


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