ISBerne Online Tuition

Full Year School Fees;

Full Time Grades 6-8: CHF 6,221
Full Time Grades 9-12: CHF 8,154

Full Time Registration Fee: CHF 250 (Non- Refundable)

Per Semester Fees

Semester Grades 6-8: CHF 3,235
Semester Grades 9-12: CHF 4,230

Part Time fees

Part-time courses: CHF 1,287/per courses
Part-time Registration Fee: CHF 125 (Non- Refundable)

Optional Program Fees

Graduation Ceremony

Graduates of ISBerne Online program may participate in the ISBerne graduation ceremony and celebratory apéro held each June in Berne, Switzerland. The student must have completed the ISBerne Online program during the academic year for which the ceremony commemorates.

Cost is free for the graduate and CHF 50 per attending guest of the graduate. (maximum 10 guests) Notification of intent to participate in graduation must be submitted by the graduate along with a reservation for the total number of guests by May 1.

Travel and accommodation are not included and must be arranged privately.

Campus Residency Program

  • Student must be enrolled as an ISBerne Online student
  • Student maintains ISBerne Online studies
  • Includes Home-stay
  • Includes either Outdoor Education, 4 ski weeks or Language Trips, depending on the season.
  • Participation in on-campus offerings such as sports & after-school activities
  • Option to participate in non-core classes such as art & music for a participation note added to the transcript.

4 Week Program: CHF 4,995 *
Per Week: CHF 1,595 *

* This fee is paid to ISBerne campus, are in addition to the regular ISBerne Online tuition, and will be billed separately. Students who choose to do a residential or study abroad term may have additional fees for optional extra-curricular activities and testing. Those fees will be invoiced separately.

Study Abroad Option

  • Enrollment as a full-time ISBerne on-campus student*.
  • Student attends ISBerne classes
  • Includes home-stay
  • Facilitated by International Experience
  • Includes Outdoor Education Week, Ski Fridays and Language Trip**

Semester: CHF 25,000
Year: CHF 47,000

* No additional ISBerne Online tuition is paid during a study abroad period
** All three activities are included for students who do a full academic year. A stay of one semester will include whichever of the three events occur during the chosen semester.