ISBerne Online students are incredibly diverse.

The ISBerne Online School Is Open To All

From semi-professional hockey-players in Europe, dedicated musicians with their eye on Julliard, to expat students in Central America, each of our students approach school with a great sense of independence and drive. We will help you reach your goals with the assurance that you are receiving a top-quality education. Our students come from a range of backgrounds and circumstances:

  • Home-schooled students who need more structure or community

  • International students who does not have a local English schooling option

  • Traditional students who need supplemental course material or support

  • Expat families who relocate often

  • High achievers who need a more individualized learning plan

  • Professional or aspiring athletes and performers

Grade 11 part-time student and non-native English speaker: “I have always struggled with my reading and writing. I’m now taking an online course to supplement my regular classes. It’s really exciting because I finally feel like I have something I can do in my free time that is really going to help with the rest of my classes.”

Grade 5 full-time student and national athlete: “Going to ISBerne Online is really cool because I can go to all of my practices and don’t have to worry about what time school starts or ends. I will probably play for an American university before go professional. ISBerne Online is going to help me do that!”

ISBerne Online School Introductory Videos

ISBerne Online Middle & High School – Part I:

ISBerne Online Middle & High School – Part 2: