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Social and emotional support is essential for children of all ages. We know that at times our students may need additional support and guidance for a range of topics.

Our counseling program is designed to support students’ social, emotional development or behavioral concerns. We are able to do this by offering personalized counseling for students of all ages.


Parents may refer students to the Counselor when the need arises, but students can also self-refer for support.

We continuously review data, collect feedback from teachers, and check-in with our students to listen to their needs and concerns, and support them through. Our Counselor helps students cope with situations they may find overwhelming or difficult by discussing choices and alternative options available to them, so they are able to find solutions to any problems they are currently facing and might encounter in the future.


Our Counselor helps students adapt their behavior, strengthen their attitude, build positive values, and increase their confidence, motivation and aspirations through dialogue.

Our Counselor also supports our students in making academic and career plans and provides information about choosing and applying for colleges, training programs, financial aid, and apprenticeships. We also present career workshops to help students search and apply for jobs, write résumés, and improve interviewing skills.