The Middle School program (Grades 6 – 8) offers a great degree of flexibility. A suggested lesson plan is provided to the parent or “Learning Coach” each week, which updates automatically as students progress through the curriculum. The parent/Learning Coach can vary the lesson plan, to accommodate the student’s pace or abilities: for instance, some kids do better when they can concentrate their math studies for longer hours per day but fewer days per week. The ISBerne Online On-site Coordinator and the online teacher work in conjunction with the parent/Learning Coach to review progress and modify the pace when necessary.

In the High School program, students are expected to be more accountable for their daily progress and time management. The student is expected to move at a more consistent pace with her or his classes, in each subject, though there is room for flexibility. There are weekly and sometimes daily assignments and due dates. Students are expected to complete assignments and submit them on or prior to the due date or the grade may be penalized. Students can work whenever they want, including on the weekends, but must meet due dates for assignments. If students have a call scheduled with a teacher or have a synchronous online session, they are expected to attend those meetings.

There is no fixed time for students to log into the online school. They are free to do so anytime during the day. We recommend students to take at least an hour per day, per subject for the ordinary online courses. Advanced Placement courses have different requirements.