ISBerne Peace One Day Balloon Release

International School of Berne marks the end of the school year with a balloon release for global peace.

ISBerne Online students have the unique experience of being connected to an existing traditional or “brick and mortar” international school community – the International School of Berne, in the capital city of Switzerland.  Reflecting this close association and the many links between our online and ‘offline’ schools, we sometimes post articles here about ISBerne to keep all our ISBerne Online students and teachers updated on the latest news and events from Berne…

Gümligen, Bern, Switzerland, June 22, 2012 – The International School of Berne concluded its fiftieth academic year on 21st June with a release by the students and faculty at the school of some 300 Balloons for Peace.

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The event, organised by the student volunteer Peace Group, was in support of the efforts of Peace One Day, an international organisation which is working for a day of worldwide peace on 21st September.

Students and faculty, along with a number of parents, stood in the playing field, arranged in the form of a large peace symbol, and simultaneously released balloons to which they had attached words and, in the case of younger students, pictures indicating what peace means to them. Finders of the cards are asked to return them to the school.

Peace Group advisor Dr Kathleen Noreisch commented, “We are very proud of the Peace Group, who successfully organised an activity that was accessible to all grade levels.  The team of students also managed the logistics, contacting the local authorities regarding a large-scale release of balloons near the airport, ensuring the environment is protected by using bio-degradable balloons, and organizing the student body, staff and parents.  Most importantly an activity like this on the final day of classes allowed the school community to take a moment to reflect on the notion of peace as we parted for the summer.”

The Peace Group has invited students from all the international schools of Switzerland to join them in a day of seminars and activities devoted to the pursuit of peace on Global Truce Day, 21st September.

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